Apartment in Tokyo

Hi, there! How have you been? 


I’ve been busy for the past month because I moved to a new apartment!



It’s a big decision for my husband and me, but we made a good choice. We can see a city view surrounded by a canal and wide open sky from our unit, it’s so relaxing. Today I saw a beautiful sunrise early in the morning, it’s fantastic ☀️



We like to see an air plane from afar and birds flying along the surface of the water. Sometimes some bouts pass through the canal. It’s hard to find an apartment with a wide view here because Tokyo is densely populated. Usually, we can see the neighboring house in very close.



Moreover, we have some pedestrian path way nearby our apartment and we can walk around on the weekend. It’s so nice!


After moving we had some guests from abroad and I was inspired by them. I want to speak English fluently again!

So, I’ll update my blog from now. See you soon 🙂

How to enjoy Okinawa


I went to north part of Okinawa named Nakijin/今帰仁 with my husband and my friend family 2 weeks ago, it was really nice! I’d like to share the good points 😉


Nice Beaches 

There are a lot of beautiful beaches  and it’s not crowded. We laid yoga mats in the shade of the cliff and relaxed there.



I enjoyed walking there and looking for seashells and hermit crabs. It felt like Yoga meditation, I could clear my mind and focus only on that moment. 



And you can drive a bridge with nice view! It’s feeling great to cross the bridge to the small island named Kouri island/古宇利島.



SUP on the clear sea

Whenever I visit northern Okinawa, I always enjoy Stand Up Paddle board called SUP. You need to balance but it’s really fun! You can see the corals and fishes from the board because of the clear water!



You can see the corals and fishes from the board because of the clear water!



Melty Pork

Nakijin village is famous for Agu pork that has rich taste and melty fats.



The place where you can try the best Nakijin-Agu pork is Nagado-ya/長堂屋. You can eat Shabu-shabu of Agu pork there. The fat has a low melting point, that’s why it doesn’t have no odor and it’s really tasty. I can’t eat a fatty part of the meat, but I like this fat on Nakijin-pork 😉


I’m really satisfied with this trip. If you have a chance, you should travel to north part of Okinawa!



Capsule hotel / カプセルホテル

Have you ever heard about “Capsule hotel”? If you are looking for an affordable and clean hotel in Japan, you should check Capsule hotels.

<What’s Capsule hotel?>

Capsule hotel is a unique type of accommodation. They offer capsule – like rooms that are small and just enough for resting! That’s why it’s called Capsule hotel. Since it is small, you can’t lock the room based on the laws. But you can still have your own privacy by closing the curtains or door. In addition, you can use the living room and the bathroom which are public. 

<Why are they popular?>

The Capsule hotels were formerly supposed to be only for people, usually men who were having a business trip. It was old and not comfortable. Nowadays, it’s getting more popular among young people and foreign tourists because of the price and the unique style. That’s why the number of the Capsule hotels is increasing with decent amenities and modern designs.

<The only thing>

Most Capsule hotels have the floor separated by gender for safety. One floor is for women and one is for men. However, some Capsule hotels offer floors for couples and family recently. Just research for more information on your choice.

A few weeks ago, I talked with a woman in Europe on Skype. She plans to visit Japan next winter, and she said the accommodation fee is very expensive in Japan. So, I recommended her the Capsule Hotels and she said that it sounds great and she will try it when she gets here 😉 That’s why I decided to share about this kind of hotel on my blog.

I don’t have any experience yet to stay at the Capsule hotel. (That’s why I don’t have any pictures about it) So, If you stay a Capsule hotel,  please tell me what you think!

I note some Capsule hotels:

+++In Tokyo+++

Tokyo bay hotel in Ginza


The prime pod in Ginza


Glansit in Akihabara


First cabin in Nihonbashi


+++In Kyoto+++

Nine hours


The millennials